Friday, August 5, 2011

Investors will seek safe havens for some more time - Financial Express

According to investment guru Marc Faber, there?s a bear market in the making. His point is a simple one: if the bond market is telling you that the economies of the Western world are weakening but, at the same time, the stock market is still relatively high, the stock market is vulnerable.

Clearly with the growth outlook bleak for both the US and the Eurozone, there?s not much to look forward to in terms of earnings growth. And it?s going to be a while before unemployment tapers off. Indeed although earnings season, for the June 2011 quarter, in the US got off to a good start, numbers for a whole host of heavyweights came in below estimates leading analysts to conclude that the first quarter results may have been something of a flash in the pan. So although US has hammered out a solution to its debt crisis, raising the ceiling...

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