Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Brexit issue wont matter too much for the world economy

I do not think that Brexit is a big deal because the British economy is not what it was under the British empire at the end of the 19th century. Today Britain is an insignificant economy in the context of a world that has an Indian economy that is very large, the Chinese economy that is very large and these economies are still growing. They have some children sicknesses from time to time and setbacks but in general the Indian economy will grow as well as the Chinese economy with one proviso; we need peace. The US has a group of people the neocons they are in favour of creating trouble everywhere, not just in Iraq, Afghanistan and maybe Iran. They want to create trouble everywhere and so maybe one day someone will lose patience and there will be war, which the neocons like because in wartimes, people can make a lot of money. So, this is about money. 

Obviously, for financial markets war conditions would be very bad because there would be a lot of defaults. Some countries would say well in this case I am not going to pay and then it spreads and so we need to hope that there will be peace. 

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